Formed in 2003/04 after playing covers and pretending to be a real band, Dan Jones joins Neil Ablard, Chris Buckler, Steve Barratt and Jim Peterson and TDT starts to write and demo original material. They played some gigs. They impressed some people. They ultimately recorded an album and got it released. From there they played more gigs. Nice radio people heard the music and played it. Nice festival organising people heard the music and asked them to play. Nice magazine review editors heard the music and wrote (mostly) nice things about it. TDT used all that and went and recorded and released another album, this time with acoustic instruments. Then they released another album, but this one had new songs and electric instruments on it.

Meanwhile, disaster and confusion were stalking the band. Well, not really, but Jim Peterson had a baby and was replaced by Neil Simpson. TDT ‘The Next Generation’ was launched, and started playing gigs. When we left our heroes, they had been cruelly imprisoned by an evil criminal mastermind who had locked them in a rehearsal room until they came up with yet another album!


Will the band be able to escape the fiendish trap set for them? Will they record new songs and release a new album? Does having two guitar amplifiers set to ’5.5? really mean you’re playing at ’11?? Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment of ‘The Dreaming Tree’!

Chris Buckler


You need natural aptitude for your instrument. Chris’ dentist, a man who looks into people’s mouths professionally and for a living, described the Buckler Oral Orifice as quite possibly the ‘biggest mouth he had ever seen’. TDT are fortunate to be able to call on that to provide words to the songs.

Dan Jones

Guitar, Backing Vocals

Dan like his guitars. Whereas some prefer to go for the option of a single, versatile instrument, Mr. Jones prefers a wide selection of versatile instruments. All on stage at the same time. As he quite rightly points out, you can never be too careful with string snappage.

Neil Simpson


Neil S is the newest member of TDT, and has already wholeheartedly subscribed to the band’s mantra ‘more is more’. You can regularly catch Neil browsing his local olde music shoppe on the lookout for more musical equipment, as well as watch him pogo whilst playing bass on stage.

Neil Ablard


Neil likes order. From his drums to his van, everything has a place. It’s the attention to detail that both makes everyone else marvel, as well as climb the walls.

Stephen Barrett


Steve is the man you’d never expect to be a keyboardist. His outlook, general demeanour and personality scream ‘drummer’. But that is surely the worst insult you could level at him. Truly, a man of a multitude of surprises.